Harassing Phone Scammers

Warning! Many of these calls contain obscene or offensive language so you’ve been warned!

The Undercover Street Pharmacy

The viagra phone scammers called to sell some pills, I tried to place a large order to be delivered to the pay phone for my “undercover street pharmacy” Somehow I don’t think the order went through.

The Gross Business Loan

This phone scammer tries to give me a loan while I make gross sick people sounds into the phone (I had a cold, so it wasn’t hard to do).

Phone Scammer Sing-A-Long

This Phone Scammer sings along with me.

Blow That Airhorn More Faster!

This IRS scammer wants me to “blow that horn again” I did not disappoint him.

The Duck Problem

The office is over run by ducks! Will Carlos the Phone Scammer come to the rescue with a loan to have them removed?

Carlos Again!

I tried again to get Carlos to help with the Ducks, but for some reason, he would still not give me a loan. ­čÖü

Cactusing a Phone Scammer


The Elephant Problem

Well the ducks are finally gone, but now there’s an Elephant Invasion! I sure hope I can get the funding this time…

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