The Phone Show – Episode 4 – The 2016 Christmas Special

Here’s the Christmas Special for 2016!

Featuring Killer Robots, Hobos, and Confused Hotel Guests, listening
to this show is sure to become a holiday tradition year after year!

With my sister Kristen joining me for the prank calls this show was
a real fun time and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did
making it!

Merry Christmas from!

The Phone Show – The Awesome Possum Episode

the-awesome-possum-episodeHere’s Episode 3 of The Phone Show!

Today we have some fun with call forwarding!

In this show, we take some customer orders at an Italian restaurant and offer up some new possum recipes!

Special thanks to Shiftypop for recordings today’s intro song!

The Phone Show – The Pizza Episode

thepizzaepisode3Here’s Episode 2 of the Phone Show!

It only took a little over a year to get around to making this with the pilot episode released in last September. Better late than never though right?!?

Today we call up some Domino’s Pizza customers and inform them of the ridiculous¬† things Chad did to their pizzas such as goldfish funerals, hospital bedpan pizzas, roadkill sausage and much more!

Today’s intro is from a 1978 Dominos TV Commercial and the ending song is from a 1988 Disney Silly Song cassette.

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The Phone Show – The Pilot Episode – Thirteen Digit Dialing & Flip The Switches


Here’s Episode 1 of The Phone Show

  • Today Indianapolis gets a new 6-digit area code requiring 13 digit dialing.
  • Changing a telephone subscribers answering machine announcement.
  • Old Phone Company Commercials.
  • Circle K Breaker Reset.
  • Note: I’ll be working on improving the audio quality for future shows, this is just the pilot episode.